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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:28 am   Post subject: CALENDRICAL TIMELINE   

[align=center]CALENDRICAL TIMELINE[/align]

The following Calendrical Timeline was created by Minotaur on True Crime:

Friday 2nd November: Afternoon/evening

RS is questioned

AK is questioned

Sophie Purton is questioned

Robyn Butterworth is questioned.

Filomena is questioned.

Giacomo Silenzi is questioned.

AK accurately describes to Robyn Butterworth the position of MK's corpse

[Lots of other people are questioned]

Friday 2nd November[?When; How?]

RG announces to friends that he is going North in order to dance (Corriere, 19th and 21st Nov]

Saturday 3rd November

Two ‘ragazzi’ are questioned, who had seen strange behaviour on the part of an olive-skinned magebino at a laundrette (a.o.t. washing a pair of blue nikes) on Friday 2nd at 13.30.

Giacomo Silenzi (from downstairs) is questioned: he says everybody at the house, including MK, smoked hash and drank, but didn’t use stronger drugs. The boys used to buy the hash from street-dealers in piazza 9novembre; it was they who usually gave them to the girls, and he doesn’t know if the girls bought any for themselves. The girls often came home drunk.

Hisham Khiri is questioned: He recounts an occasion when Sophie Purton got so drunk that MK had to ask him to help her home.

23.10 Sophie Purton is questioned again. She tells police that MK had said that AK had brought back men to the house, including a strange one who frequented an internet café; and others as Spyros and ‘Daniele from Rome’.

Sunday 4th November

An autopsy lasting seven hours is done by Luca Lalli

14.45 AK is questioned (again). She identifies the Internet-café man as an Argentinian named Juve. She confirms having taken Spyros and Daniele into the house.

16.00 Stefano Bonassi is questioned: He was visited twice by a friend from Rome, Daniele da Luna, and on the second occasion Daniele went upstairs and had sex with AK.

He also says that: ‘Frequentava la nostra casa un ragazzo soprannominato il barone, palestrato, di origine sudafricana. Una sera l'ho trovato a casa mia con i miei amici. Era molto ubriaco e ha dormito sul water. Aveva un'attrazione fisica per Amanda’ (Corriere, 19th nov: NB it is clear that the Corriere had a copy of Bonassi’s 4 Nov verbali much earlier; the Corriere had clearly been leaked almost all the verbali of 2-4th November at an early date).
[This basketballing ‘sudafricano’ is (how; when?) identified as RG, whose fingerprints were on record. They are found to match fingerprints at the crime scene.]

Monday 5th November

17.00 RS and AK are brought in for questioning

22.40 RS is questioned again: "5 novembre alle ore 22.40 viene di nuovo sentito RS" (Matteini report)

Tuesday 5th November

01.45 and again at 05.45 AK is being questioned. At 05.45 she implicates PL

Early morning: AK and RS no lose status of potential witnesses and ‘gain’ status of suspects. They are taken into custody. RS’s pocket-knife is confiscated. (Matteini's report says, while referring to AK's questionings 'E in questo momento che AK e RS perdono la loro veste die persone informate sui fatti per essere stessi indagati"; but it doesn't specify which momento. According to Frank's translation of the SC's ruling, it was the statements made at 01.45 that turned AK into a suspect. Because of that the voluntary statements made at 05.45 without legal representation, cannot be used against her or any other suspects).

Evening AK writes a memoir in English and presents it to investigators. It is transcribed in full, with spelling mistakes, at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jh ... xml&page=1 (Question: had she in the meantime seen a lawyer who advised her to do this?

Tuesday 6th and Weds 7th Nov.

A thorough site-investigation (including luminol) of RS’s appartment is done. A pair of Nike trainers, a kitchen knife and a second pocket-knife are removed for further analysis. Two empty bottles of bleach are found, of a type that his cleaner denies having used there. The video taken on this occasion shows a Harry Potter book (language unknown)

Filomena and Laura are shown the kitchen-knife; they deny ever having seen it at via della Pergola.

Thursday 8th November

Lalli submits in writing the preliminary findings of the autopsy. TOD is estimated to between 21.30 and 23.30; but if MK had eaten before 21, that could be brought back to between 20.30 and 22.30. There is no sign of rape; but there are signs of consensual sexual activity up to a day or so before her death.

Friday 9th November

0.9.35: Claudia Matteini signs her decision that AK, PL and RS should all remain in custody.

The Corriere reports that 120 useful traces have been found at the house, about 40 of which belong to the inhabitants or frequent vistitors, and 80 of which haven’t been identified. Nothing from PL has been found..

11th November

The Swiss professor is questioned from 19.00 to 01.00.

[RG’s mobile was in Milan on this day, when someone tried to ring him; (corriere 19 nov)]

12th November[/b]

The Corriere reports Amanda having been filmed, wearing a light-coloured dress and alone, at 8.43 on 1 November by the CCTV monitor at the parking area. Tests have shown that dark people may not have registered. A man passing at 02.00 on the night of the murder heard loud voices from the house.

The Telegraph reports hunt for 4th suspect, a north-african musician caught on car-park TV cameras and whose fingerprints were at the crime scene. (Amazingly, the Telegraph was a week ahead of the Italian press with this story!)

13th November

Corriere reports no traces of blood on shoes or knife removed from RS’s house.

16 November

RS’s lawyers contest the custodial order.

19th November

The Italian press (Corriere, rapidly followed by others) reports that a fourth suspect, an Ivorian basketballer called ‘RH’, has been sought ‘for several days’, after his fingerprints were found to match those at the house. He is later the same day named as RHG, and his identity card is published. He had committed at petty crime in Milan toward the end of October; and is known to have been there in the days immediately after the murder.

It was only this morning (19th November, according to the Corriere) that the headquarters of the Postal Police in Rome got hold of the actual records of the telephonic communications between AK and PL(!). [I don’t think the final outcome of this was ever leaked, though Frank has some useful observations about them (M).]

20th November

RG arrested in Germany. Up to the time of his arrest he had access to everything reported in the media. He even contacted the Daily Telegraph after his name had been released.

2nd December

Media report that AK had withdrawn 250 euros which had disappeared.

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