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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:56 pm   Post subject: COMPREHENSIVE TIMELINE (PRIMARY)   


LAST EDIT: Michael, 21 Aug, 2014. Updated phone call entries. Still more to do.

Friday 26th October. 2007

Rudy Guede is caught having broken in to a Kindergarten in Milan looking for a place to sleep., apparently having been told by a tramp that it was a doss house (per RG). He is found by police with an 11 inch knife in his back-pack, taken from the Kindergarten kitchen, which Rudy had taken 'for personal protection' while he stayed in the 'doss house' (per RG). He was also found to be in possession of a laptop and mobile phone which had been stolen from a solicitors office in Perugia. Guede had an explanation for having these, or he must have, since he was released without charge. He did however, receive a ticket for possession of cannabis, not a criminal offence in Italy, if the amount is deemed to be within the prescribed limit for personal use, but at the same time is not legal, hence the ticket. The laptop and mobile phone were confiscated. Rudy is not in possession of a mobile phone from this point onwards.

Tuesday 30th October, 2007

1630 - 1700 A new witness, around 40 years old and known only as ’Fabio‘, has given testimony that he saw all three suspects together with Meredith: ’…I used to go to the University of Foreigners and I knew the house in via della Pergola because my friend from Florence lived there a few years ago. I remember that mid-afternoon on October30, more or less between 4′30-5pm, I was in front of the pizzeria Contrappunto because I had just parked my car near the building. I noticed four young people coming out of the gate which leads to the house in via della Pergola. They were walking two by two; …Kercher Meredith with Sollecito Raffaele and behind them, Amanda Knox with a young black man who looked very similar to Rudy Guede, although he was partially covered by Sollecito. I just caught a glimpse of him. I know him by sight because I often used to see him in front of the University for Foreigners while he was handing out fliers for the Merlin pub, I think. This was around three years ago when I used to go to the University for Foreigners. I’m 99% sure that the young black man walking with Amanda on October30 was Rudy Guede. Then, when I got my car, it started raining hard. They were wearing dark clothes, except Amanda who stood out because she was wearing a red, eighties-style coat. I only knew Rudy out of the four. I recognised them without a shadow of doubt when I saw their photos in the papers and on television after the murder. The four came out of the gate and were going towards Piazza Grimana.’

Evening Patrick sacks Amanda from working in Le Chic (?). By Tuesday, October 30, his patience ran out. He told Amanda she could carry on handing out club flyers, but could no longer work in the bar. “She looked at me blankly and walked away,” he says. “The club was busy and I didn’t see her again that evening.”

Wednesday 31st October, 2007 (Halloween)

Evening "Amanda...sent [Meredith] numerous SMS messages."

1900 Meredith responds to her flatmate: "I have to go to a friend’s house for dinner.” The student from Seattle persisted, “What are you doing tonight? Do you want to meet up? Have you got a costume?” She then said that she was going to Le Chic and “maybe we’ll see each other.”

Evening Amanda is in Le Chic. She was attending a Hallowe’en party at the club, knocking back the free red wine. “She was all over two American boys,” Patrick says. “There was no sign of Sollecito and I didn’t see her leave.”

Thursday 1st November, 2007 (Day of the Dead in Italy)

0300 (Some time after) After locking up Le Chic at 0300, Patrick Lumumba goes to a club where he bumps into Meredith celebrating Halloween “I mentioned the idea of her working for me again,” he says. “She smiled sweetly and said she couldn’t wait, and she’d bring all her friends back to my club for me.” This is the last time Patrick ever saw Meredith alive

1202 No activity on RS landline phone from this time until 1416 on November 3rd

1300 AK saw MK at their apartment (per AK)

1400 -1500 MK left

1530 Sophie Purton arrives at Robyn Butterworth's flat at Via Bontempi 22

1600 Meredith arrives at Robyn Butterworth's flat

1700 AK, RS went to his apartment (per AK)

1730 - 1745 Jovana Popovic, a Serbian female medical student and friend of RS, arrived at RS’ flat (she had an appointment nearby at 18:00 and it was before that). She went up and Amanda was alone, Jovana waited for Raffaele to ask him for a lift to get luggage from the station. Raffaele soon arrived and in a cold tone he said “OK”

1800 Meredith had a meal with her girlfriends "Ms Kercher was known to have eaten an early supper of pizza and ice cream with two British women friends, both fellow students, at six o’clock on the evening of her death. But Sophie Purton, one of the friends, had testified that the meal contained no mushrooms."

1800 AK, RS left her apartment (per RS)

1827 Activity begins on RS' computer, possibly signifying the start of watching the film 'Amelie'

1836 RS at his computer, had watched 'Amelie' whilst also downloading the film 'Stardust' to watch later, would be at his computer until 0333 - (per RS & his lawyers). “He was with AK until 1800 when they had both left RS apartment to go into the centre. RS has also said that he spent the evening on his computer working on his university coursework

2001 Hekuran Kokomani' Mobile phone record shows that he entered the area of the cottage at this time, where it had earlier that day placed him in the Assisi locality

2018 Patrick sends text message to AK

2030 Patrick's friend, Swiss Professor Roman Mero had a pizza and then went straight to Le Chic. (had originally claimed he was in Le Chic from 2000)

2030 - 2100 RS "Went home, smoked; had dinner." (per RS)

2030 – 2100 (AK “left him (per RS), saying to him that she would go to Le Chic, meet friends while he returned to his house”) “… left the house telling Sollecito that she was going to work, [but she], she was at the basketball court of Piazza Grimana.”

2035 AK text message to PL "Ci vediamo più tardi. Buona serata". AK' phone is then switched off/remains inactive until 1207 the next day

2038 RG arrives at MK's (per RG)

2038 PL's cellphone pings in the area of MK’s house

2040 RS's father phones him at his apartment on RS's landline, the call went unanswered and instead went to answer phone. RS did not respond to the message and return his father's call that night

2040 (circa) Jovana Popovic later got a message that for some reason there is no need to get the luggage and after finishing the violin lesson at about 20:20 she went back to tell Raffaele at around 20:40, and through the intercom she spoke to a laughing Amanda who said that Raf was there and invited her up. She did not go up

2042 Last activity on RS' mobile phone until the early morning of the 2nd

2043 AK seen on CCTV entering her house (?) A figure in light coloured clothing is shown exiting a small white car and moving towards the cottage. This was not Meredith who was wearing dark clothing and had walked home. Quality of CCTV image very poor, so positive ID not possible

2046 Meredith arrives eight minutes after RG arrives (per RG)

2050 RS chops up button mushrooms with his knife, and he and AK stir fry them (per Mignini)

2100 AK claimed to meet PL at B-Ball courts and [return] to her house. (per the Judge)

2100 Meredith leaves friend’s house with Sophie Purton to return home, Sophie walks her halfway

2105 Sophie Purton leaves Meredith on Via Roscetto, Meredith continues home alone

2110 Click on RS's computer, no more activity on computer until following day

2115 Around this time MK arrives home

2141 - 0532 of the night of the crime "is not any human interaction at RS apt" (per RS' computer)

2200 - 2230 Meredith is either dead or dying. A breakdown truck arrives for a broken down car containing a family of three, man, woman and child. The Albanian 'superwitness', Hekuran Kokomani, arrives by car at the rubbish bins area a short way down the road from the cottage. HK punches RS, throws a phone and olives at AK, who threatens HK with knife. HK drives further down the road encountering RG who recognises HK and offers money to hire HK's car, first 50, then offering 250 euros. HK hears banging sounding like 'wood on wood' from the house. RG says there is a birthday party at the cottage. HK refuses hire his car, driving off having seen RS in his wing mirror running at him with knife. RS persues him to the lights, where a motorist asks HK for directions. HK has to reverse his car to allow the breakdown truck, which is probably just arriving, to manoeuvre. HK leaves (per HK)

2200 - 2230Alessandra Formica, said her partner was almost knocked over by a black man running away from scene”. The couple also witness the broken down car and breakdown truck. This now matches testimony by Kokomani, both in time and event. The breakdown truck was information that had been withheld from the public by police, so both had to have been there

2213 SMS requesting account balance sent from MK's mobile to her bank

2229 First recorded receipts at Le Chic

2230 - 2300 A witness heard “a man and a woman arguing in Italian” inside the cottage “at about 10.30 or 11.00 on the night of November 1,” followed by an “agonising scream”.

2300 (circa) A dark coloured car is seen parked outside the cottage (per garage mechanic witness - Gianfranco Lombardi). "It was about 11pm on the night of November 1, 2007, and I was in the area because I had been called out to fix a broken-down car...When I got to Via Sant Antonio, close to where the house where Meredith Kercher was murdered, I saw a dark-coloured car parked outside and I noticed the gate on the drive was open...I didn't notice anyone in the car and I didn't notice anyone coming or going during the eight or 10 minutes it took me to load the broken-down car onto my tow truck." "The statement is significant because Sollecito has a dark-coloured car, but claims he was not at the house."

2300 RS reveives telephone call from his father (per RS). Now known to be untrue as the unanswered call via landline was actually made at 2040 and went to answerphone

2300 (circa) Nara Capezalli, the woman who lives opposite MK's, hears screams coming from the house after which "at least two people" emerged and fled "in different directions."

2300 - 2330 AK and RS are seen on the baseball court by a sixty-year-old witness, 'Toto' (Antonio Curatolo), cuddling, behaving erratically, and looking towards the house..." "...their position of observation on the steps near via della Pergola overlooking the house." "I saw Amanda and Raffaele around the square in 23-23,30 Grimana the first night of November. I am sure because the next morning the carabinieri were on the streets asking questions. " AK and RS go down in the direction of the house (possibly joined by a third person (?))

2300 - 2330 Alessandra Monacchia, trial witness, hears a long scream coming from the general vicinity of the cottage

2300 - 0100 RS claims he’s on Internet at his home. This claim is false. No Internet activity on RS' computer since Oct 31 and none on Oct 1 or 2

2315 RS' father sends RS a text message. This is not received by RS' phone until 0602 the following morning, evidencing that RS' phone was switched off until that time

Friday 2nd November, 2007

0010 Meredith's father calls her mobile phone. there is no answer. Meredith is no longer alive at this point

0100 AK at RS’s apt (?)

0200 Witnesses report seeing Rudy dancing down the Domus nightclub. Passers-by report loud voices from AK/MK home

0333 RS comes off of his computer and goes to bed, Amanda is 'not' there (per RS & his lawyers)

0430 Last sighting of Rudy at the Domus nightclub by witnesses

0532 Computer activity recorded on RS’s computer to play a media file which crashed, followed by the successful execution of a media file. There was no Internet activity

0602 RS' mobile phone switched back on, at which point he received a text from his father

0745 Marc Quinto Valle, store owner. His two cashiers and helpers (two women) get there at 7:30am and begin to get ready for customers before opening time. He said as he was opening the security gate on the store, a girl was standing at the door with him waiting for the store to open. He remembers that she had a hat on, jeans, a scarf and a grey-white jacket. But most of all he remembers that she had blue, really blue eyes. He noticed because her skin was very pale. He opened the door said “buon giorno” she did not say anything and headed to the part of the store where they sell cleaning products, soap, towels, but also cups, coffee, misc. household items. He paid her no mind, but did see here eventually leave and head down the street in the direction of the piazza that leads to Via della Pergola. Since he was not at the cash register he did not serve her and could not say what she bought, and did not think to ask the cashier at the time

1000 Woke up at RS’s in morning (per RS)

1030 AK returns to her house to wash; took empty plastic bag (per RS)

0900 - 1058 Sig.na Lana finds two phones in her garden and notify police, who ascertain that one is registered to Filomena Romanelli at via della Pergola

1058 Dr BARTOLOZZI made the first report of the found phone

1100 AK was back at her house (per AK)

1130 AK back at RS’s house; worried—door open (per RS). Back to AK’s together. AK opens door with keys; went in together. Blood in bathroom. Attempted to break down Meredith's door (per RS)

1138 Phone identified via its SIM card as Filomena Romanelli's

1207.12 Call made from Amanda's mobile phone to Meredith's mobile phone. First activity from AK' phone since 2035 the previous evening. (duration of 16 seconds) Amanda calls the English phone number 0044784******* belonging to Meredith Kercher. (at Sollecito's)

1208.44 (lasted 68 seconds) Amanda calls Romanelli Filomena on number 347- 107**** (at Sollecito's)

1211.54 (4 seconds): Amanda makes a call towards Meredith’s English mobile phone number (Amanda at Sollecito's)

1212.35 (lasting 36 seconds) Filomena calls Amanda Knox (No. 348- 46*****) (Amanda at Sollecito's)

1220.44 (lasting 65 seconds) Filomena calls Amanda (Amanda at Sollecito's)

1235 Police Postale arrive at the cottage in order to arrange the return of the cell phones. Their arrival time was confirmed by the car park CCTV camera and time was also recorded in the log by their supervisor, Battistelli, when they radioed in their arrival.

1235 Raffaele’s mobile phone contacted a service centre for a phone [credit] recharge (Raffaele at the cottage)

1235 Filomena, having spent the night away with her boyfriend Marco Zaroli, whilst parking their car (with PG and LA) at the 'Fair of the Dead' in Perugia, receives phonecall (first of a series of three) from AK "who told me that she had slept at Raffaele's house and that when she had gone back to our house she had found the door open and blood in her bathroom. She told me that she'd had a shower, that she was scared and that she was going to call Raffaele Sollecito. It seemed really strange to me and I asked her to check that the house was in order and to call the police or Carabinieri." (Michael: "Going to call" RS when AK and RS claim they came back to the cottage together at 1130?)

1235 - 1245 Second phone conversation between AK and FR

1245 Third phone conversation between AK and FR "she told me that the window in my room was broken and that my room was in a mess. At this point I asked her to call the police and she told me that she already had."

1246 Bartolozzi reports the second mobile phone found

1250 RS calls his sister in the Carabinieri

1251 RS phones the Carabinieri (for the first time, lasted 169 seconds)

1255 RS phones the Carabinieri again (lasted 57 seconds)

1300 (just before) Filomena Romanelli arrives at apartment with her friends PA (Paola Grande - girlfriend of Luca) and LA (Luca Altieri). M (Marco) was present and "Amanda and Raffaele were in Amanda's room because at a certain point they came out into the corridor and we introduced ourselves." (Michael: Evidently, RS and AK failed to notice Meredith's keys whilst they were hidden away in her room. Why were they in AK's room when important actions were taking place elsewhere in the cottage, leaving non-resident Marco to deal with the Postal Police? How long were they in there for? 'What' were they doing whilst in there - checking it was 'clean'?)

1300 Second phone (English) activates the Strada Borghetto di Prepo cell

1305 Postal Police arrive (per RS and his lawyers)

1315 (circa) After listening to Filomena's remarks, with Postal Police present, LA breaks down door of MK's room

1350 Phones seized, reported by Bartolozzi at 14:00

Evening PG and LA take RS and AK to Perugia police station in their car. PG and LA have stated that during the trip RS was constantly asking them questions regarding the murder and investigation of a manner that caused them to become so concerned and suspicious, they thorougly checked over the interior of the car after RS and AK got out, for 'incriminating evidence' they were afraid the pair may have 'planted' there. The 'suspicious' behaviour of the couple continued inside the police station, which was noted and reported by multiple witnesses

Monday 5th Nov, 2007

Morning/Afternoon Amanda and Raffaele in classes. Amanda writes her letter in class where she states she wants her mother to take her shopping

1400 - 1600 Rosa Natalia Guman Fernendez de Calle, RS' cleaning lady, cleans RS' apartment for the last time. She worked for him for about 2 months and would come every Monday from about 2-4pm to clean his apartment. She stated that she used only "lysoform" which is like a general household cleaner like Mr. Clean. She would vaccum, mop the floor, clean the bathroom, kitchen, etc. They kept the cleaning products under the kitchen sink like in most homes, and there were usually about 5-6 different cleaning products as well as cleaning supplies. But she was told to ONLY use "lysoform" to clean. RS and AK were there. She went under the sink to get the cleaning products and noticed a bucket with water in it and wet mop rags. She asked why the wet rags and the bucket, and he said there'd been a leak. The bucket had water in it and it was clear. When asked if she ever used bleach in his home she said absolutely not. When asked if there was bleach among the cleaning products, she said she could not say either way.

2000 Meredith's vigil held in Perugia, sans Amanda and Raffaele

2215 After having dinner, Amanda and Raffaele arrive at the police station

2230 Raffaele, being questioned at this point, breaks and begins to change his story

2239 Amanda is on the phone to Filomena, asking her if they are still going to live together

2300 Amanda, still in the police waiting area is told off by a senior police officer for inappropriate behaviour - splits, cartwheels and back bends

2400 Beginning of Amanda's questioning, which begins informaly as Amanda's official status is one of 'Witness', in the waiting area (Michael: later migrating at some point to an interview room?)

Tuesday 6th Nov, 2007

0145 Whilst Raffaele is still being questioned in a room elsewhere, Amanda changes her story and accuses Patrick Lumumba. At this point, all questioning is halted and Amanda is informed of her new status as 'Suspect'. The statements from this session could not be used against Amanda, as she was a 'Witness', but could be used against others. This signed statement is one page long

0330 At Amanda's request, she is heard again (the 'sponateous statement'), this time under the official status of 'Suspect' and in the presence of Prosecutor Mignini who has been called in, as there is no lawyer present for Amanda and only Judges can hear suspects. Here, Amanda repeats her accusation of Patrick Lumumba, but this time with a full story and details. The High Court would later rule that this statement could be used neither against Amanda or others, as she was a 'suspect' and no lawyer was present. This statement is five pages long

0545 Amanda's questioning is halted and her statement signed. She is formaly under arrest at this point. At some point shortly after this time, Amanda is taken for breakfast, after which she is retained in custody, as is Raffaele

Early Morning Patrick Lumumba is arrested and taken into custody as a 'Suspect' on the back of the testimonies provided by Raffaele and Amanda

Daytime Amanda requests a paper and pen, where she writes and signs a two page statement confirming her previous statements, although here she phrases it as a 'vision'. This is handed in to police officers as a "gift". This statement is legally defined as 'Spontaneous' (voluntary), reffered to as the 'Memoir', 'Memorial' or 'Two Page Note' and can be used against both Amanda and others. This document has been ruled admissible in the trial. Amanda and Raffaele are later transfered to Capanne prison to await their hearing to confirm their legal 'Suspect' status

*Originally adapted from Xin's Timeline created on Haloscan II

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