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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:23 pm   Post subject: CANDACE DEMPSEY'S KNOX DIARY   


Candace Dempsey (a.k.a Italian Woman, The Cook, The Cartoon), a freelance journalist who run's a reader blog covering the Meredith Kercher case on the Seattle-PI site, has been confined to the Rabbit Hole as a source. This is due to the fact that her site maintains what can only be described as a Knox propeganda campaign from her blog, which censors discussion heavily and twists reported news, some argue in a dishonest fashion, heavily in favour of a rosy Knox view. It is clear, dispite refuals to admit it publicly, that her sources for some of her information are actually the Knox family itself and this in our view, represents a conflict of interest. Moreover, a regular poster on her site and one who helps her with her data, Charlie Wilkes, is a self confessed member of the Friends of Amanda Group, which has Anne Bremner as a figurehead. Dempsey, who has claimed possession of Amanda Knox's full Diary, posts carefully edited snippets with crafted caveats of it on occassion and only as a result of permission from her source for each snippet. Dempsey also claims possession of certain other official records and these receive the same treatment. Therefore, Data from Dempsey must be viewed with caution. It is a case of make of it what you will.

Originally posted by FinnMacCool, having copied it over from Dempsey's blog, in the 'In Their Own Words Forum' on 7th Nov 2008:

FinnMacCool wrote:
Candace Dempsey has just released some more sections of Amanda's writings from prison:

Amanda: "The prison staff are really nice. They check to make sure I'm okay very often and are very gentle with me. I don't like the police as much, though they were nice to me in the end, but only because I had named someone for them, when I was very scared and confused."

Candace: "Then she describes meeting the Catholic priest for the first time."

Amanda: "I told him I was happy, because I was able to give what I knew, finally, to the police, and this man cried. This man told me to do what I felt was right in my heart, because this was what God was."

Candace: "After the priest leaves she says,"

Amanda:"I also wanted to remember how I remembered everything that had happened that night. I was in my cell thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking, hoping I could remember, hoping I had done the right thing, worried that the police were right, maybe I had seen Meredith's death and maybe I really was confused and couldn't remember something so tragic. But this isn't so.

"In my cell I was waiting for an answer to come to my head when a sister arrived at my door. She told me to be patient because God knows everything and would help me remember the answer. I nodded along and after a while the sister left, wishing me good luck. Perhaps a minute later I saw down again to write and try to remember and then it hit me. Everything came back to me like a flood one detail after the other until the moment my head hit my pillow and I was asleep the night Meredith was murdered. I cried I was so happy. I wrote everything I could remember and an explanation for my confusion previously."

Candace: "Later she says this conversation with the nun happened her second day."

Amanda: "When I first arrived in prison I was held in isolation and was forbidden to speak to anyone except the guards. I had nothing with me but the clothes I was wearing so to pass the time I lay quietly in my bed, thinking, crying, sleeping. I wasn't hungry and when they told me to eat I got a stomach ache. And the worst part was, I still couldn't remember exactly what I had been doing gat my boyfriend's apartment. This was my great mystery that I had to answer, and I couldn't. And I knew if I couldn't remember this would be reason enough for the police to accuse me, which I later learn was exactly what they were doing."

Candace writes: "I found the part of Amanda's diary where she supposedly accuses Raffaele. All the way through she says she knows he is innocent and she says she's trying to figure out why he's turned on her (ala the TV shows she sees). The 'betrayal' [para]graph comes near the end of the diary, which was seized right before her Nov. 30 hearing and then leaked to the press..."

Amanda writes: "I'm not even worried about this 'knife' that the police are claiming was used to kill Meredith because I never brought a knife back and forth between our houses. I've never carried a knife anywhere ...

"Of course Raffaele and I have used this knife to cook, and it's impossible that Meredith's dna is on the knife, because she's never been to Raffaele's apartment. So unless Raffaele decided to get up after I fell asleep, grabbed said knife, went over to my house, used it to kill Meredith, came home, cleaned the blood off, rubbed my fingerprints all over it, put it away, tucked himself back into bed, and then pretended really well over the next few days, well, I just highly doubt all of that.

"He made the same mistake that I did, got scared when the police yelled at him, or at least that's what I think. I don't know, but that's what I think. Why the police started with him I don't know, maybe because we were the people the police found at the house. Anyway, it doesn't matter because what's done is done, and I'm innocent. All I have to do is wait for the outside world to believe it. Thank goodness my tribunale is the 30th. I want my life back."

Flowers picked too soon: In praise of Meredith Kercher
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